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CNT Composite Material

We offer technology marketing, sales and engineering service of CNT(Carbon Nano Tube) composite material for antistatic, electromagnetic absorbing and shielding, radiant heat by compound dispersed & processed CNT(Carbon Nano Tube) to all kind of plastic raw material.

CNT Value Chain

Manufacturing of CNT

  • Current density : 1 × 109 A/cm² (1,000 times better than copper)
  • Specific thermal conductivity : 6,000 W/m·K (10 times better than copper)
  • Tensile strength : 3 × 1010 Pa (20 to 100 times better than steel)
  • Elasticity : 2 to 7 times better than steel

Processing CNT composite


  • CNT dispersion room and dispersion
  • Cutting device
  • Manufacturing of ESD, EMI material
  • High efficiency thermal radiation material
  • Manufacturing of contact plating polymer
  • Heat dissipation, electromagnetic shielding material
  • Permanent antistatic material

CNT material application field

For antistatic

  • A hose for fuel spark prevention
  • Door handle
  • Component for semiconductor test, jig
  • Semiconductor / electrical component carrying device (Tray, magazine, wheel, roller)
  • Antistatic household appliances

For heat dissipation

  • Tablet PC
  • PCB
  • Surface heat release composites
  • LED housing

High strength, Lightweight materials

  • Car etc. vehicle component (Tail, trim, gear, case)
  • Streetlamp housing
  • Robot component for medical use
  • PEEK replacing ceramic etc. (High-performance sports goods)

For electromagnetic shielding / absorption

  • A substrate case
  • The case for TV display panels
  • Telecommunication devices, RF filter
  • For stealth aircrafts
    – For military strategy
    – Wind power generator blades

A component related to the energy

  • Battery electrodes, electrolytes
  • Bipolar plates for redox flow battery

Pastes, sheets etc.

  • For antistatic clothes, gloves, shoes and sheets
  • Paints and sheets for antistatic
  • Adhesion sheet, paint for heat dissipation
  • Electrical conductive paint